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DownloadNamePlaySize Length
download200 Years From Now (1975)

3.1 MB3:23 min
download12 - A call for peace

4.1 MB4:32 min
downloadAnswer your dreams

3.9 MB4:14 min
downloadBoard The Peace Express

3.7 MB4:03 min
downloadBorn to be free
(Harsh Mishra)

0.4 MB0:23 min
downloadShe Wakes Up

4.7 MB2:03 min
downloadCherry Plum Peach & Damson
(BSG Mumbai)

3.1 MB2:43 min
downloadCome again Sensei

5.4 MB3:57 min
downloadCrimson Dawn of Peace (vocal)

2.5 MB2:42 min
downloadDaimoku (I will break the shackles of my karma)

2.9 MB3:12 min
downloadDare to believe (slow version)

4.2 MB3:41 min
downloadDare to Believe
(Dare to Believe)

3.7 MB4:00 min
downloadDawn Of India - Song

11.1 MB4:52 min
downloadDawn of Peace

3.8 MB3:46 min

3.6 MB3:57 min
downloadEvery Picture tells a story

4.1 MB2:57 min
downloadFive Guidelines of Soka
(Five Guidelines of Soka)

4.5 MB4:52 min
downloadForever Sensei
(SGI + Wayne Green)

1.8 MB2:01 min
downloadForever Sensei (dubbed)

2.3 MB2:03 min

4.1 MB4:29 min
downloadFulfill Our mission
(Fulfill Our mission)

3.1 MB3:22 min
downloadGroup of Happy People
(Group of Happy People)

1.6 MB1:45 min
downloadGrow now Together (Student Division)

6.8 MB2:59 min
downloadGrow With Sensei
(Grow With Sensei)

1.9 MB2:07 min
downloadHand In Hand 1
(Hand In Hand 1)

2.8 MB3:03 min
downloadHand In Hand 2
(Hand In Hand 2)

3.6 MB3:58 min
downloadhand in hand

2.8 MB3:06 min

3.1 MB3:24 min
download15 - Heal the world, lets show the world

4.2 MB4:35 min
downloadHere And Now
(Here And Now)

3.6 MB3:53 min
downloadHigher Than The Sky
(Higher Than The Sky)

1.8 MB1:59 min
downloadHold On To Your Dreams
(Hold On To Your Dreams)

3.2 MB3:31 min
downloadHope of the world

2.9 MB3:40 min
downloadHuman Revolution English
(Human Revolution English)

4 MB4:23 min
downloadI am Youth

8.5 MB3:42 min
downloadI Arise (Mumbai Kaikan inauguration)

7.5 MB3:16 min
downloadI Arise

3.1 MB3:26 min
downloadI Know

4.4 MB4:49 min
downloadI Seek Sensei, I seek Sensei

4 MB4:25 min
downloadI will Sensei

3.1 MB3:20 min
download17 - I thought of you and you were right there

3.8 MB4:11 min
downloadI'll be the one

3.4 MB3:42 min
downloadトラック 1

1.9 MB2:01 min
downloadMarch 16
(In the darkness we will be th)

4.1 MB4:29 min
downloadIn the darkness (hiphop)

4.3 MB3:09 min
downloadJPD Soka Bodhi Tree
(JPD Soka Bodhi Tree)

3.2 MB3:28 min

4.3 MB4:40 min
downloadJust Start Loving
(Just Start Loving)

6.4 MB2:47 min
downloadKosen Rufu For the World
(Kosen Rufu For the World)

3.6 MB3:53 min
downloadLets Come Together
(Lets Come Together)

3.6 MB3:57 min
downloadlets march ahead with sensei

4.7 MB5:11 min
downloadLets stand up for Sensei

4 MB2:55 min
download21 - Lets win as one with Sensei

4.3 MB4:42 min
downloadLife of victory

5 MB5:26 min
downloadMake It happen
(Make It happen)

3.4 MB3:40 min
downloadMarchin ahead in unison

6.1 MB4:28 min
downloadMen of Peace
(Men of Peace)

8.7 MB3:48 min
downloadMission of your life

4.4 MB3:13 min
downloadMothers Of Kosen Rufu
(Mothers Of Kosen Rufu)

3.5 MB3:49 min
downloadMy mentor & I

7.1 MB5:10 min
downloadNam Myoho Renge Kyo

8.7 MB3:48 min
downloadNam myoho renge kyo

4.1 MB3:00 min
downloadOde To Joy (Froyder Shoner)
(Ode To Joy (Froyder Shoner)

2.6 MB2:48 min
download28 - On their own

3.5 MB3:52 min
downloadPath of eternity

4 MB3:28 min
downloadPath of Joy

2.9 MB2:34 min

3.9 MB4:12 min
downloadPower of Faith
(Power of Faith)

2.3 MB2:33 min
downloadPrayer for Peace
(Prayer for Peace)

5.3 MB5:49 min
downloadQuiet revolution

4 MB4:22 min

4.3 MB4:42 min
downloadSensei, For You

2.8 MB2:24 min
downloadSensei I am here
(Sensei I am here)

3.2 MB3:32 min
downloadSensei Namaste

6 MB3:18 min
downloadSensei Oh Sensei
(Sensei Oh Sensei)

5.3 MB5:45 min

5 MB5:27 min

4.7 MB2:03 min
downloadShine Like a Star
(Shine Like a Star)

8.3 MB3:39 min
downloadShoulder to Shoulder Original
(Shoulder to Shoulder Original)

2.9 MB3:08 min
(Shoulder to Shoulder)

2.9 MB3:12 min
downloadShoulder to Shoulder Indian M
(Shoulder to Shoulder Indian M)

2.6 MB2:51 min
downloadSoka Education

3.2 MB3:29 min
downloadStand up stand up, Rise above

4.9 MB3:35 min
downloadTrack 17

3 MB3:14 min
downloadTime to change

4.1 MB4:27 min
downloadTpgether we'll change the world

2.6 MB2:52 min
downloadTotal Victory

3.7 MB3:13 min
downloadTouch the world

4.2 MB4:34 min
downloadTowards a century of life

3.7 MB4:03 min
downloadtowards a soka century

3.4 MB3:42 min
downloadUnited united united we will stand

4.9 MB3:35 min

3.3 MB3:37 min
downloadUnity With Sensei ( I will make sure)
(BSG Mumbai)

2.5 MB2:12 min
downloadUnity with sensei

2 MB2:12 min
downloadVOW (song)

3.3 MB2:53 min
downloadWe will fight, we will win (Victory)

3 MB3:18 min
downloadVoices of Peace

5.1 MB3:45 min
downloadVow of Ikeda Kayokai

1.9 MB2:01 min
downloadWas I there?(The eagle peak song)

4.8 MB3:32 min
downloadWas I there?(The eagle peak song)

4.8 MB3:32 min
downloadWe Forge On

3.5 MB3:49 min
downloadWe will win (old faster version)

3.6 MB3:08 min
downloadWe are the Buddha, We are the power

4.4 MB4:48 min
downloadWe are the sun of soka

4.3 MB4:43 min

3 MB3:19 min
downloadWe will fight, we will win

4.5 MB3:16 min
downloadll Go On

10.1 MB4:26 min

2.6 MB2:53 min
downloadWhat Can I Do
(SGI + Wayne Green)

3.5 MB3:49 min
downloadWin Lets Win

3.4 MB3:41 min
download04 - YMD Song

4.3 MB4:42 min
downloadYoung lions of India

4.6 MB3:19 min
downloadWe will never give up (Andhero mein..)

4.2 MB4:38 min

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0 #153 Dr Ujwala Deo Agashe 2014-11-27 23:38
Excellent ! My every Zaden Kai will be incomlpete if I had not been knowing your website , Nam myoho renge kyo .. Thank you
0 #152 smriti 2014-08-02 20:19
thank you so much for this treasure.. a great resource.
0 #151 Ajitabh 2014-07-29 23:08
lovely songs thank you.
0 #150 mamta 2014-07-16 17:15
Hello,Request you to plz update the song title "WIN NOW TOGETHER". Its really a beautiful song but not able locate anywhere.Need it Urgently plz.Thank you so very much.Warm regards,Mamta Israni
0 #149 Esperanza 2014-07-07 04:15

How wonderful with all this songs!
I would love to learn some of them and play it on piano and sing it in meetings. Do you have the chords for this songs?

Thank you, Looking forward to hearing from you!


0 #148 Mamta Israni 2014-07-05 14:21
plz update the song title "WIN NOW TOGETHER". Its really a beautiful song but not able locate anywhere.

Need it Urgently plz.

Thank you so very much.

Warm regards,

Mamta Israni
0 #147 Dhruv Thukral 2014-06-27 22:16
Got what I needed. Thanku so much :)
0 #146 Fred 2014-06-21 10:15
Hi! does anyone know the significance of "I will sensei" song?

I would like to share it with my fellow YMD before singing.

Would appreciate any help, thanks
0 #145 2014-05-14 09:42
Go to Sokkagakkai website and create a user and click on the English songs tab to get the list of the songs and select the select the song which you are intrested.if still you didnot get it let me know i will send you the link to you
-1 #144 2014-05-13 10:43
I'm looking for a song that starts "I have a Mission, a Mission that i know" - if possible could I have the lyrics please. Thanks so much.

Mamlu Chatterjee - BSG Calcutta, India
0 #143 2014-05-10 18:57
Hi there to all, it's in fact a pleasant for me to visit this web site, it
contains priceless Information.

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